Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Get It!

Well I come back to my blog renewed and refreshed! I am committed to keeping it updated and will try to increase my visitors by telling everyone I know ...ok so thats about 5 peeps, but hey its a start!
The last half of this year I have dedicated to " Gettin It"!
I was blessed enough to see another birthday...yes Gemini--in the house! And earlier this year I made my 3 year plan! I had to revisit that and give myself a Progress Report---not doing good--but not quite doing bad--so that equals a D+.
I am definitely trying to increase my streams of revenue...thats a must with a SENIOR in the house! Its so hard to believe that my little nino has grown up to this 6ft 3 inch young man...
Back to the I am dedicating this blog to me---its going to represent all things that I love and have an interest in...things on my mind...and my mind is always busy! So stay tuned and you never know what you may find! mmmmwwwaaaah! Peace love and a tablespoon of happiness!

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