Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here We Go...Again!

Yes! I am getting back on the saddle and giving this blogging thing a try....AGAIN!
I believe in my heart I have lots to share with people willing to hang in there with me.  Of course I do, I am a mommy to 3 cubs (sons), a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a friend.  So yes! I have lots to share.  Just be patient and cheer me on!

What's Your Outlet? How Do You Unwind? How Do You Re-boost?

1. My first option is playing with paper! I love papercrafting.  It has been a wonderful outlet for me.  I make cards and scrapbook pages for memory albums! Please don't tell me you have your treasured photos in those sticky icky albums from years of yesterday!!!! Stampin Up! is a great papercrafting supply company.  Visit my website at http://www.creativezavi.stampinup.net/

2. The next option is listening to my cubs' daily stories of yucky lunches, mean teachers (lol), and playground fun! My eldest cub--we will call him cub#1--also has some very interersting stories about life at Georgia Southern University! Their stories are filled with insight and humor that takes me away from my ever growing pile of laundry!

3. And finally, if its just one of those darn days....and no matter how funny cub #2 story is about the substitute teacher from another planet is....I may have no other choice but to unwind with a glass of Sangria filled with fresh fruit!

No matter how you choose to unwind....Just Do It! In order to take care of our families we must always remember to take care of ourselves!

Turning off the light in the Den--
Mama Bear